Radio Arts Catalyst explores radio as a site of encounter and as a critical space in which to collectively address current social, political and environmental challenges happening on a hyperlocal and a planetary scale.

Approaching broadcasting as an ecology of overlapping spaces for listening, mapping and transmitting, Radio Arts Catalyst is made up of three central elements: an artist residency programme; The School of Broadcasting informal self-education programme; and an evolving programme of artist projects, audio experiments and sonic inquiries connected to Arts Catalyst’s ongoing research strands.

Historically, in times of crisis where bodies have been separated – for instance by oppressive regimes, the reinforcement and policing of borders, conflicts and displacement – radio transmitters, occupied airwaves and neighbourhood pirate/DIY broadcasts have provided alternative spaces for collective conversations, creative expression and political organisation.

Whilst the privatisation of common spaces and the dismantling of public infrastructures asks us to unlearn how to be together, there is greater urgency in finding new ways of tuning into each other’s desires, struggles and vibrations in order to reimagine and repair communal spaces, environments, and ourselves.

According to Brazilian psychoanalyst and theorist Suely Rolnik, one of the key problems that society has been facing in the last decades is “the anaesthesia of our vulnerability to the other,” and the reduced capacity of our bodies to resonate with other bodies, human or non-human. How can we harness the power of radio and broadcast to nurture new relationships between physically distant bodies? What new skills and abilities do we need to cultivate as resonant subjects?

Radio Arts Catalyst is produced by Kitty Turner with sound design by Lori E Allen.

Graphic design by An Endless Supply.