Yussef Agbo-Ola: Lavender and Lava
Artist Broadcast

A sound work that questions how different epistemologies from a range of diverse cultures relate, perceive, and become connected to or a part of their local ecological systems.

Yussef Agbo-Ola’s multidisciplinary artistic practice is concerned with  interpreting natural energy systems, through interactive experiments that  explore the connections between an array of sensory environments, from the  biological and anthropological, to the perceptual and microscopic. His aim is  to use diverse multidisciplinary research methods and design components, to  reinterpret local knowledge and its environmental importance cross-culturally.

He is the founder and creative director at Olaniyi Studio, an innovative design studio based in London that thrives on  multidisciplinary relationships to actualise ideas around themes of  environmentalism. The studio collectively questions how art, architecture, and anthropological research can create experimental environments that challenge the way we experience geological conditions, and living ecosystems. Its core mission is to expand environmental awareness through design creativity, collective collaboration, and speculative imagination.

During this residency, Yussef has been creating acoustic architectural  experiments that reflect upon the role of ethnomusicology, biological sonic  feedback, and conceptual poetry around themes of environmentalism. He has  developed a sound work that questions how different epistemologies from a  range of diverse cultures relate, perceive, and become connected to or a part  of their local ecological systems.

Lavender and Lava is an organic orchestral artefact of both human and non human environmental frequencies. Its conceptual apparatus originates from  the repetitive yet ambiguous sonic atmosphere we hear in dynamic natural  environments. The sonic dance of jungles, the voice of desert winds, the  symphonic cracks of volcanoes are all embedded in this architectural  composition to create an experimental sonic landscape that questions our  relationship with the world around us”.

Yussef Agbo-Ola

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