Frequency, Embodiment and Melanin-o-phonic* Space
Mentored by Evan Ifekoya

A black hole is the result of immense light. You are that same light.

Darkness is what holds this universe together – because Blackness is not mere absence but rather an abundance.

Drawing on frequency, rhythm and sound healing, this project aimed to bring the focus back to the body. How does sound help us develop a greater awareness of our interior self? And what might this heightened awareness do for the collective?

Through practices of listening, reading and vocalising together, the group investigated sound’s healing properties and possibilities. They explored Black-led sonic strategies for grounding themselves, in order to encourage a feeling of security and stability from within. 

Listen > School of Broadcasting Mixtape 2

*Melanin-o-phonic Space is sacred: it makes sound spatial and sacred in its Blackness. Intentional. It’s affirming and asks “how does the listening feel?” It is anchored by the loop, the chorus, the affirmation, repetition, reiteration. 

Evan Ifekoya is an artist and energy worker, who through sound, text, video and performance places demands on existing systems and institutions of power, to re-centre and prioritise the experience and voice of those previously marginalised. Through archival and sonic investigations, they speculate on blackness in abundance; the body of the ocean a watery embodied presence in the work.

They established the collectively run and QTIBPOC (queer, trans*, intersex, black and people of colour) led Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S.) in 2018. In 2019, they won the Kleinwort Hambros Emerging Artists Prize and in 2017 the Arts Foundation award for Live Art sponsored by Yoma Sasberg Estate. They have presented exhibitions and performances across Europe and Internationally, most recently: Liverpool Biennial (2021); Gus Fischer New Zealand (2020); De Appel Netherlands (2019); Gasworks London (2018).

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