Public Programme

Public Programme

Radio Arts Catalyst hosts an evolving programme of artist projects, audio experiments and sonic inquiries connected to Arts Catalyst’s ongoing research strands. This page is an evolving showcase for these public outputs.

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Instituting with Care X Radio Arts Catalyst

Instituting with Care x Radio Arts Catalyst focuses on how institutions interact with, and sometimes interfere with, our bodies – how our experiences of institutions can be harmful, and how the models of institutions of care, mental health and science can be hacked or rethought. It includes contributions from artist Mary Maggic, artist, writer & researcher Jamila Prowse, and activist and researcher pantxo ramas.

The broadcast forms part of Instituting with Care, a research project, event series and publication, which examines what it would mean to put practices of care at the forefront of institutional and infrastructural thinking: to build care into the fabric of our institutions. Instituting with Care draws on and speaks to the fields of instituting and instituent practice, reproductive labour, disability justice, accessibility, anti-racism, ecologies, feminisms, community healthcare and mutual aid.

This broadcast is an extract of a longer conversation, which will be revisited for the eventual publication within the wider Instituting with Care project by Lucy Lopez.

Listen to this episode here