Hannah Rowan

Throughout 2021 as part of an international residency exchange programme with Arts Catalyst, Platform Asia and Taipei Artist Village (TAV) artist Hannah Rowan undertook artistic research into the ecologies of water in Taiwan.

a white woman with long, dark brown hair, wearing a faded red baseball cap  holds a sound recording device against a large green leaf.
Hannah Rowan in residence in Taiwan

Artist Hannah Rowan was in residence at Taipei Artist Village from January – March 2021. From Tamsui River to Purple Butterfly Valley, her research revolved around the mutualistic relationship between butterflies and plants, the recycling of glass and submerged aquatic encounters in the marginal eco-systems of mangroves.

She began to focus on butterfly chrysalis and glass blowing as sites of material transformation and becoming, alongside atmospheric conditions such as humidity and saturation.

Chrysalis Hannah Rowan

Hannah has developed a sonic output for Radio Arts Catalyst that brings together aspects of her research and expands on the ideas in her sculptural installation ‘A River is a Flowing Vessel’ presented at Taipei Artist Village in March 2021. She has an ongoing interest in working with submerged and embodied research methods to understand river water as a living archive, combining underwater hydrophone recordings, field recordings and narrations of tactile interactions that reflect an intimacy with interconnecting bodies of water.

This episode of Radio Arts Catalyst will take you through a multi-layered sonic landscape across ocean tides, riverbeds, butterfly migrations and touch.

Listen to A River is a Flowing Vessel here.

Find out more about the collaboration and the international residency exchange programme with Platform Asia and TAV here.

Mangroves, Tapei, Taiwan

Hannah Rowan is an interdisciplinary artist based in London, UK. She studied MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London and BA (Hons) Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London. Rowan’s practice is rooted in the connections between watery bodies, phases of matter and fluidity of technology. She uses a range of media including sculpture, installation, performance and moving image to explore the uncertain form of materials. Her work is informed by research into remote environments such as the Atacama Desert and the High Arctic.  

She has been awarded numerous international artist residencies and exhibited across North America and Europe, including Belo Campo (Lisbon); Assembly Point (London); White Crypt (London); Well Projects (Margate); Walter Phillips Gallery Satellite Space (Canada); Galerie Sebastien Bertrand (Geneva); Yours Mine and Ours Gallery (New York). She is the recipient of Arts Council England funding in 2017 and 2019. Her work has been published in Earth Issue III, Perpetual Inventory Vol 3 and UMBIGO. 

Image courtesy Hannah Rowan