Yussef Agbo-Ola

“Lavender in Lava” [back] Sound Album Cover(xIIi).=1020, Y.Agbo-Ola 2021. Digital C-Print. Image Courtesy Olaniyi Studio

Yussef Agbo-Ola’s multidisciplinary artistic practice is concerned with interpreting natural energy systems, through interactive experiments that explore the connections between an array of sensory environments, from the biological and anthropological, to the perceptual and microscopic. His aim is to use diverse multidisciplinary research methods and design components, to reinterpret local knowledge and its environmental importance cross-culturally. His research outcomes manifest through architectural pavilions, photographic journalism, material alchemy, interactive  performance, experimental sound design and conceptual writing.  

For his Radio Art Catalyst residency Yussef created acoustic architectural experiments that reflect upon the role of ethnomusicology, biological sonic feedback, and conceptual poetry around themes of environmentalism. He developed a sound work that questions how different epistemologies from a range of diverse cultures relate, perceive, and become connected to or a part of their local ecological systems.

Listen to his broadcast here.

Project Update – February 2021

“Lemons in Soil” [front] Sound Album Cover(xIIi).=1066, Y.Agbo-Ola 2021.
Digital C-Print. Image Courtesy of Olaniyi Studio

Agbo-Ola’s experimental composition of orchestral and spatial gradients aims to mimic the multi-layered atmospheric acoustic conversations between botanical, geological, and unseen environmental elements. Through the act of composing: each environmental sound equation speaks, as an exchange component within the wider context of sound observation, designed for stimulating the mental ecology through cognitive audio sensations.

Poem: Untitled, 2021 Y.Agbo-Ola

a singing root,
standing in red water,
red, as in light,

before I saw,
organs as dreams,
engulfed in soil.