Sonic Nutrients

Sonic Nutrients

Radio Arts Catalyst is a space for sonic expression, a peer-led process of collective inquiry, and a resource for learning. As The School of Broadcasting evolves, online tools and research material emerging from the process will be made available here for anyone to freely use – a small contribution to the vital history and ongoing legacy of DIY broadcasting! If you have any tips or suggestions for this page then please get in touch with us via


What do we hear when we listen? What frequencies reach our ears on a daily basis, or more rarely? How much passes us by? How does the environment in which we live alter what we hear and how we hear things? What sounds trigger different emotions, sensations or thoughts in our psyches, consciously or unconsciously? How can we translate or reinterpret what we hear? Who is listening to us?


In what ways can a process of mapping communities of sound help us to understand the role the sonic plays in our everyday lives?

What associations can we make? What knowledge can we accrue? What sounds right, or wrong, together?


Who gets to speak and be heard? What does a politics that exists purely on the airwaves sound like? How can our existing understanding of broadcasting be reimagined, reshaped and remixed? What noises best communicate the things we want to express?